Bitcoin Series

In the winter of 2020, I began a series of oil paintings that I named The Bitcoin Series. They are based on photos I took with my longtime friend Claire Majors, addressing themes of isolation, manipulation and disempowerment. The series came after a long hiatus from painting, where I transitioned into motherhood from Art/Film school in Montreal. It was very pleasurable to play with the richness of oil paint again and to bring an element of contrast to the heavy themes, using vibrant, juicy colours. The paintings, along with photos from the series and additional works in progress, will be featured in a duo show, Truth and Transformation. The show will also feature work from my mom, Dorian Kohl, at the Armstrong Art Gallery in October, 2023.

Trailers and Landscapes

These small oil paintings were generated out of a fun period where I was involved with a weekly painter’s group in Armstrong BC, in 2020. We would swap locations, painting in a different member’s garden each week. It was a delightful way to learn from one another and grow as artists while we chatted and enjoyed the pleasures of Plein Air painting.

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