I am currently working on a film involving my mother and father, where my mother gives us a deep look into the early years of her life. We have been filming for two years between Armstrong and Lumby, (Secwépec territory), much of the footage being on the land of this region. We are currently at the editing stage in the process, with some additional video footage being captured along the way. An excerpt of the film, along with photo triptych, is currently showing at the Lake Country Public Art Gallery, until April 30, 2023.


Beautiful songstress, priestess and long time friend, Flora Ware was a joy to collaborate with on the making of our video for her song, The Veil is Thin at Samhain. We wanted the video to capture the magic of the unknown world crossing over to the known world, and the ways that we may honour the kinship between the two. The footage was shot on land around Armstrong, (Secwépmec territory) and on our friend’s farm, Wild Mountain Honey, BC. The song is from Flora’s album of original chants, Songs for the Wheel of the Year, 2020.

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