The Mother (load)

My work is currently featured in an exhibition at the Lake Country Public Art Gallery called, The Mother (load). The exhibition addresses the issues mothers face as they weave together their work as artists with their responsibilities as mothers. It is a beautiful show, where 50 different artist have explored this theme. I am thrilled to have photos and a short film excerpt from the larger film project that I am working on with my own mother, Dorian Kohl. The show is up until April 30, 2023. There will be a luncheon where Dorian and I discuss the work April 16 at 1pm. There will also be an artist talk April 30 from 1-3, where each artist has an opportunity to discuss their work and this theme. Both events are open to the public.


Over the last couple of years, I have been working as a portrait photographer, when I feel inspired by the people and the projects. I bought a Sony a7ii camera in 2020 and I have been really enjoying capturing high quality images with the awesome people I get to work with. I think our enjoyment shows!

35mm Portraits

I have a passion for film photographs. The quality of the images sends me into the emotion of the time and space when the images were captured. I love this about film. I love the way it represents light around us. I appreciate how alive the images feel. These photos were taken while my son was very young. I have several more of them, taken during the same period, mostly of family members and close friends. I will have to track them down in older hard drives, that I haven’t visited for some time, and then post them for you to see!

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